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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Long time no Art!!

If you have given me a thought lately, and wondered where I have been, I have been helping my sister who had to have surgery...she is going to be "down " for about 8 weeks, then a brief respite for a couple of weeks, then another surgery followed by 6-8 weeks of recovery time again, and me helping her during that time as well. This has interfered just a bit with my posting time to my blog, but that is no one's fault but my own. I take some of my art supplies and my art journal with me when I go there, and she has a computer, so I can always post to my blog from her home-I just have been a bit remiss....sorry!!

Look at this lovely lady! I made her for you just to make you smile...she is fresh from the "Beauty Shop" and ready for a night out on the town! I created her in my art journal (Canson Biggie XL, 98lb paper - love it for markers, collage, pen and ink, and yes-even acrylics with gesso as a base! Takes watercolors pretty well too, as long as you don't get them too "juicy"!)This lovely young lady is done with Sharpie markers, not the "Ultra Fine" tips, but the "Fine" tips I believe they are called. I also made you a flower in one of my beloved $1.00 composition books that I love to alter the covers on!

I have been working up these colorful drawings lately, because I have ordered myself 2 new sets of acrylic paints, and am getting ready to paint an acrylic or mixed media painting, using bright colors and incorporating the designs of the woman with the colorful hair and the flower designs in some form...these are just some preliminary sketches to kind of get me off and running with ideas. I used to just start drawing without much planning when starting a painting, but now, I am wanting to put more thought into composition and design. These should come together nicely when I work out all of the kinks...

Do you enjoy painting on canvas or are you strictly an art journal artist? Let me hear from you-I love reading about how you create, and next time, we will discuss my latest altered Book(s) I am working on..."The Magician's Tale" and "Social Disorganization" which is an old college textbook from the 1950's about the decline of our society...interesting reading what was considered "abnormal" back then....!!! Until then-Happy Creating and Enjoy Your Art-ing!!!