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Friday, March 2, 2012

Art Journals, Collage and Spring

 Two new workshops over on "Art From Your Heart"! A free one that will go through and cover the book "True Vision"-Authentic Art Journaling" by L.K. Ludwig, plus another Paid workshop ($20.00), "Letting Your Heart Sing" hosted by me! Learn to add your own prose and poetry to your art journal pages and more! Come check it out!

Lately I have had a bit of spring fever-all of the warm weather we have been having is really making me get in the mood for spring themed, more colorful artwork! Here are a couple of my latest creations. The first is a page from my art journal, created in mixed media. The second pic is an altered book spread, also in mixed media. They both have a combo of collage and paint with some marker and chalk for shading.

This last one is a "work in progress". I still have a lot of detail work to do, as well as shading, but I just wanted to show a partially finished example so you could kind of see my process. Happy creating, and check out my latest article over at Mixed Media Art! Thanks Michelle for letting me be a part of your fine website! Here is the Link:

Reading Between the Lines - by Laura Thykeson

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