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Monday, March 19, 2012

Summer Daisies

Happy Flowers

 Today on this stormy and windy Monday, simply a couple of poems I have written, and some watercolor postcards I have made for cancer patients...be well and "Happy Arting"!

  Cast Lives

We cast our lives upon the winds of chance
and wonder if we will ever dance.

While running down streets that have no end
and waiting for things that never come.

We wait, we dream, we dare, we try
to run, to fly, to laugh, to cry

All while standing still as stone
in a room of people, all alone.

C.  Laura Thykeson  2010



I come to you with my soul bared
and wonder if you ever even cared
that I was not a perfect girl
who lived within a perfect world.

I bring you my heart's aches and pains
and all the baggage both pretty and plain
I wonder if you'll feel the same
when you see my soul is wild, not tamed.

I'm like an animal, small and scared.
Im looking for a life that's shared
with someone gentle that I can trust
whose ways are honest, tender and just.

Can I begin to let "us" stay
in this relationship for another day?
Can I rest in peace and just relax,
trusting the pain is in the past?

 c. Laura Thykeson 2011

Summer Fun