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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Embracing Our Demons and Other Fun Things!

ell, it is the first month of the new year, and I have been away from my blog for way too long! I have a good reason though-I am having to help my sister who had to have surgery...This will probably go on for another 6 weeks...

I am a follower of the "A Year In The Life Of An Art Journal" blog, written by  Rachel Whetzel, and she is doing 3 part prompts with music, a word and a picture or photograph. Here is what I came up with for the first one, which is the word "Present"

This, to me, means learning to love myself as I am, and learning to live with NOW as opposed to living in the past or the future. Once I "Embrace the Demons" and learn to live in the "here and now", I will be able to fully live my life! It's just a bit of a shame it has taken me so long to get to this point!! Don't put off living in the "Present"!